When The Best Time For Cycling?

Cycling at the right time will allow you to enjoy this healthful activity and eventually do it consistently. One colleague said that if he was not cycling in the morning, he would not ride at all because the morning made him more disciplined. High energy levels in the morning after breakfast will make us more cycled. But it would be different if you have a static bike from the best trainer for zwift. With a static bike that has a virtual screen, you will be allowed to adjust the cycling time to your liking. If you want cycling during the night then you can set the night mode on the virtual screen even though your home is still daylight and vice versa. Regardless if you want to ride outdoors then this is the best time for you to ride!

Advantages: The air is still fresh, relatively avoid the congestion, and the power of brain concentration is still high.
Practical tips: Before starting cycling, stretch and warm up sufficiently. Drink 500 ml of water and bring a water supply bottle during the trip.

Lunch break
It’s not a big deal if you only have time for daytime cycling. All you need to prepare is a place for cycling. Park and city forest can be the right choice.
Advantages: This is an alternative choice for those of you who have little spare time. This quick activity will help you burn calories as well as blood circulation and improve mood after hours sitting in front of the computer.
Practical tips: Prepare a change of clothes for you to use after cycling.

This time is a time choice that many busy urban people do and only have time to work out after work.
Advantages: You will not tire easily because it is not under the hot sun.
Practical tip: Pay attention to the safety factor, man! Complete your bike with lights so you can be seen by other road users. Use clothing that easily absorbs sweat and is able to keep the body warm.