How to Get Your Website Up to Google Topmost?

1. Quality Articles
Articles are the foundation of a blog or website. Impossible if a website or blog will be great without articles in it. Therefore, we need article spinner to create unique and quality articles to be loved by the readers. Although there are several types of blogs that do not rely on articles but prefer the image or video. It’s just that although in fact like that, it still put some writing as an explanation of the picture or video. For me, quality articles play an important role in reaching the position on search engines. As explained in writing SEO articles that good writing always puts the quality that can give real benefits to all readers.

2. First Paragraph Articles
This is always my affirmation in some of my writing on this blog. The first paragraph should be able to attract readers. Somehow, I believe that the first paragraph of an article written on a blog post has an influence on ranking in search engines. That is to say, the first paragraph usually describes the entire contents of the article. Therefore, I always pay attention when creating the first paragraph to be clearer and easier to understand. In fact, I always include keywords there. There is a similarity between writing articles on blogs with short story writing, that the first paragraph has a great power to attract the interest of its readers.

3. Quality Backlink
If you want to get a lot of visitors then the main requirement is to make your article on the first page of Google and firs ranked. That’s ideally. It is because backlinks are one of the most important parts of SEO, so many people in the busy blogging world to get backlinks. The thing is, it’s not that easy to get it. Basically, a good backlink is a natural backlink and quality. This will affect your blog or website on Google’s first-page ranking.