Understanding and Conditions Being a Counselor

A counselor is a person who is fully responsible for the function of counseling and has special expertise in the field of guidance that can not be done by ordinary people. To become a counselor, one must first meet the prescribed requirements. There are several criteria that must be met to be able to make someone as a counselor. In relation to the role of a counselor in society, a counselor has a function to help people achieve well-being in their lives. To get a counselor who can help you as much as possible, you can visit our website and meet Michelle Dabach.

Requirements to become a counselor include:

– A counselor should have a broad knowledge, both theoretical and practical aspects. Theoretical aspect is important because it is this aspect of the foundation in practice. Practice without theory is a nonsense practice. The practice aspect is necessary and important. Because counseling and counseling are applied science, the science must be applied in everyday practice, so a counselor would be awkward if he only mastered the theory alone without having any proficiency in practice.

– In psychological terms, a counselor will be able to take wise action if the counselor has matured enough psychologically, that there is stability or stability in his psychic, especially in terms of emotion.