Alternative Use of Wallpaper

Usually, wallpaper is used to cover and decorate the walls. However, it turns out wallpaper can be used as a room sweetener. Get wallpaper for walls by visiting our website.

– Table

Wallpapers can be used as tablecloths. Maybe you feel the corner table in the living room is too quiet or even there are many stains and scratches on the surface. Wallpapers can make the appearance of the table more attractive. The trick, look for wallpaper pattern that matches the theme of your room, then cut according to the size of the table.

– Backdrop Book Cabinet

Valuable collection books are entitled to a decent place-not just a wooden cabinet. Cut the wallpaper to the size of the cabinet and stick it on the back, side, or across the surface of the bookcase.

– Household Coatings

Do stairs at home look monotonous? Wallpaper can beautify the appearance. Certainly not the entire ladder you will be covered with wallpaper. Give a touch of wallpaper on the vertical side of the stairs or on the edge of the horizontal side so that the stairs are not slippery.