Supporting your child’s creativity

Having a smart and intelligent child is not only dependent on genetics inherited by a parent will remain a way of educating and training the child in learning that is applied and accepted by the child is the main key of the child in understanding and applying what they get. For that good way to educate is a way that can be done by parents, not by way of force, snarl or scold the child in learning or cultivate the mind of the child. Remember the first education received by children in education from parents, from within the home, if the education of parents either then in taking or seeking knowledge outside (at school) then the children will be easier to live it. Meanwhile, you can also try foam puzzles for toddlers to enhance your kid’s creativity.

In doing or acting never limit the activities of the child as long as that is done is not harmful and harmful. Let the child explore the abilities that exist within him, as a parent, you are only obliged to supervise and guard it. By allowing such a child will make the child more creative and intelligent

A family is the most exciting and the first place for the kids. Make a comfortable atmosphere in the house so that children really can learn well. In a child’s family can learn freely, train children in using the right brain and left brain by providing various methods of exercise. By exercising right brain balance and left brain will make children become more creative, intelligent, and smart. To train the brain, please read next to Train Brain Right & Child Kirin