The mistakes in choosing a man’s watch

It is important for men to be and must be legally required to wear watches as accessories. Original watch accessories are usually more expensive. Naturally, if this happens. In addition to functioning as a timepiece, watches in men can also show character, identity, and social status. Therefore, avoiding mistakes in choosing a man’s watch can be crucial for most men out there, especially the mistakes that so wrong as if a man might wear a classic watch while he rides a bike instead of wearing the best triathlon watches.

Here Are Some Mistakes Of Using Watches In Men:

The use of a man’s watch does not fit the show
Watches are made up of various models and materials. There is a point. For example, a strap (watch strap clock) made of rubber (rubber) is suitable for outdoor and sports activities. The rubber material is not easy to absorb the sweat that may cause your watch to be smelly. So, for how easy, please note the material of the strap (clock straps) hours. Is it made of canvas, leather, or stainless?

Rubber. Suitable for heavy duty activities, outdoor activities, sport and casual. The material is supple and not easy to absorb sweat.

Canvas. The strap of this material, suitable for casual occasions.

NATO / ZULU / Nylon. Most are made of nylon materials, use almost the same as canvas, on casual occasions.

Leather. Basically, it is suitable for formal, semi-formal occasions, but it does not matter if you try on a casual event.

Stainless steel. Mandatory for formal events. But uniquely, straps of this material can be worn on formal events or casual. Only outdoor activities or sports are not good. Outdoor activities, sports/sports require you to move freely and quickly. Stainless steel is less flexible, unlike rubber (rubber) material.

Too many combinations of accessories

It does not matter if you are already wearing watches plus other accessories, such as bracelets on the same hand. The important thing of concern is the quantity. If too many, less good for you adherent to the ideology of simple style.

Too loose

Remember this watch, not a bracelet. Make sure it fits on the wrist. Not tight and also not too loose. How to know fit, loose or too tight?