Know High-Quality Rice Characteristics

As the main food is liked by everyone. Rice should be cooked properly to produce good taste. You may be confused to choose to cook in a modern or traditional way. However, now you can find the best crock pot on the market with ease. The delicious rice is also influenced by the type of rice used.

If the rice you use is rice that has good quality, then the taste of rice to be created will also be delicious. There are some characteristics of high-quality rice.

1. Free Preservative
Rice has long-lasting durability even without preservatives. So, you do not need looking for rice containing preservatives in it.

2. No Smell
Rice that does not smell and has a fragrant aroma is a sign that the rice is rice with good quality. Especially if the rice has a pandanus or milk scent.

3. Not Using Bleach
White is not the best color for rice, if you find rice with a very bright color, you can be sure the rice uses bleach.