The Secret of Learning the Most Modest English

Getting to know simple English grammar
Actually, you do not have to understand English grammar in detail. The important thing is we have

a basic understanding of English grammar that becomes our capital to develop English language

skills at a higher level. Examples of simple grammar that we can learn are about noun, verb, to

be, adjective, adverb, personal pronoun, simple tenses, like continuous tense, simple present

tense, past tense future tense and so on. If you are still a bit difficult to memorize, maybe you

can ask the help of a trusted English language teacher like in Trinity selt so you can know the

easy technique to memorize grammar easily and quickly.

Familiarize yourself with English conversations
Language will be meaningless when it is not practiced when it is not applied in our daily

conversations. Language will quickly develop when we use it. In conversation with others can help

us to be confident, can help us to learn from mistakes, help us learn from others.