What causes an air conditioner becomes totally dead

While enjoying the cool air from the air conditioner, suddenly the air conditioner died. Panic must have overtaken us as owners because it thinks AC is badly damaged and must be replaced new. First aid to the panic when the AC is off is to check the outlet, whether it is unplugged or power out, in order to ascertain whether the AC death is caused by things that are not related to the AC component inside. When the problem has become too severe, perhaps you need to call the best aircon service near you.

The cause of the AC is totally dead to not operate at all is the absence of electric current into the AC unit. This problem may be caused by a broken or loose cable fuse, broken, or burned. The second cause of total dead AC is a damaged PCB (printed circuit board) or an error. PCB damage is marked by writing [Err], [P0], [P1], or any other code that appears on the LCD display of the indoor AC unit indicator. If your air conditioner is not equipped with such a screen, the damage may be marked by a flashing LED indicator light. Damage to indoor PCBs is often caused by fuse breaks and cables that could potentially be replaced with new PCBs.